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Lightbulb Fotolia_32849829_M (2)The TCF Partnership is a leading financial planning coaching and consultancy firm in South Africa.

We know that Treating Customers Fairly regulations are just the start of a series of fundamental changes to the way that financial advice and products are delivered to clients in South Africa. We know from the work we have done with International regulators and professional bodies in the UK, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Ireland and India that global regulation is converging and that in order to remain relevant, financial services providers must change.

We know what it’s like to face these challenges. That’s because, unlike most consultants, we have created, managed and practice in our own financial planning businesses, and have coached and trained financial advisers, through the changes brought about by the FSA’s TCF and RDR initiatives.

In fact, TCF is not just another piece of regulation; its impact will be much deeper. TCF is about a fundamental shift in the mindset and behaviour of adviser businesses, and the sustainability of future business models.

We provide the experience, insights and knowledge to build a business model that will be fit for the future, as well as the practical assistance to implement it. Our clients range from small independent financial planning and broking firms to larger financial services providers who create and distribute financial products to consumers through advisers.

Our goals are simple:

  • To help our clients survive new regulatory requirements and treat their clients fairly
  • To help our clients build sustainable businesses which are more profitable and deliver best practice
  • To improve the quality of financial services advice and products for consumers in South Africa
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